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Leo's Family Share Their Tube-feeding Journey and Why They Switched to Compleat® Organic Blends

Compleat® Organic Blends recently had the privilege of catching up with Cora and Leo, a wonderful mom-son duo that has been navigating the tube-feeding journey with their family for nearly a decade now. Cora is a full-time mom and caregiver, and a dedicated college professor. She is one busy person! Leo is an adorable, smart nine-year-old boy who has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, which resulted in facial nerve damage. This has required Leo to have a feeding tube basically since birth. 

Cora and Leo had previously shared their story about Leo’s journey with Nestlé HealthScience as part of the Nestlé HealthScience Patient Connections Program.  The Nestlé HealthScience Patient Connections Program is an internal company program that brings individuals, patients and caregivers to the company to share how Nestlé HealthScience products make a difference in the quality of their lives and glean what more could the company do differently or better.  

More recently, Cora and Leo were asked to sample Compleat® Organic Blends tube-feeding formula.  In the end, Leo switched to Compleat® Organic Blends tube-feeding formula and Cora kindly shared their experience. Here’s their story:
“We want the same thing for Leo that we want for everyone in the family—nourishing, organic and varied whole foods that fit our active lifestyle,” says Cora. “Our family loves to eat powerhouse foods. With Compleat® Organic Blends, all of us can talk about the value of nutrition. We’re all included. Our family also observes Meatless Mondays, and it really means something to include Leo in that family tradition. It’s been a joy to offer Leo choices! He understands that the real food takes longer to bolus, but he still chooses it often. 

The years of research, development and quality assurance that went into creating the Compleat® Organic Blends Plant-Based Blend (which are ideal for Cora’s Meatless Mondays!) and Chicken-Garden Blend translate to “real time on my side,” says Cora. “I know how hard it is to calibrate feeds and assess calories. We tried making our own feeds, but it was too difficult. I trust Nestlé Health Science to stand behind their product, which is important as it sustains my son’s life! I also love knowing that these are people looking out for my son’s best interests…and looking at improving tube-fed folks’ quality of life, and not just [making it] about survival.”
“Leo loves Compleat® Organic Blends!” says Cora. “It feels good to be able to actually nourish my child rather than just ‘feed’ him. Thank you, Compleat® Organic Blends!” 

Thank you, Cora and Leo, for sharing your story. All of us at Compleat® Organic Blends feel the same way about you both! We appreciate your willingness to help us in our mission to support families whose lives are impacted by feeding tubes.

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