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How much sugar is in Compleat Organic Blends?

Both varieties of Compleat Organic Blends (Plant-Based Blend and Chicken-Garden Blend) contain 17 grams of total sugars/300 mL serving (10.1 fl oz). There is no added sugars in Compleat Organic Blends; these sugars are naturally occurring in the organic fruit purees. This is not a low or reduced calorie product. Please see nutrition fact panel for details.

What does nutritionally complete mean?

Compleat® Organic Blends are a blend of whole foods plus vitamins
and minerals to provide the convenience of complete nutrition. It meets or exceeds 100% DRI for protein and 25 key vitamins and minerals per respective age group complete feeding.†
†Complete Feeding (mL): Compleat® Organic Blends 1200 mL (4 servings), Compleat® Pediatric Organic Blends 900 mL (3 servings) for ages 1-8 years and 1200 mL (4 servings) for ages 9-13 years. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) represent the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) value unless unavailable, in which case Adequate Intake (AI) value was used.

What vitamins and minerals were added to Compleat Organic Blends to make it nutritionally complete?

Vitamins and minerals in Compleat Organic Blends are contributed both from the real food ingredients, and from single or purified ingredient sources that are approved for use in organic products. You can find all the vitamins and minerals in Compleat Organic Blends on the nutrition labels found on our website here:

What is the difference between Compleat Organic Blends and Real Food Blends?

Organic products are also non-GMO. Compleat Organic Blends are fortified with vitamins and minerals to provide complete nutrition. They are also available in both Adult and Pediatric formulas.

What is the difference between Compleat Organic Blends and Functional Formularies’ Liquid Hope or Nourish?

There are a few key differences that are based on feedback we received from healthcare professionals and patients/caregivers. Compleat Organic Blends tube-feeding formulas include fruit purees. According to the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020 Eighth Edition, a healthy eating pattern includes a variety of whole grains, protein, vegetables and fruits, especially whole fruits. Compleat Organic Blends is also available in both a plant protein based formula and a formula with chicken as the main source of protein. Although some people prefer plant-based protein, healthcare professionals and patients/caregivers shared they would also like a formula that contains animal protein, specifically chicken.

Is Compleat Organic Blends covered by insurance? Medicare? Medicaid?

Compleat Organic Blends is approvedfor HCPCS Code B4149. The decision for reimbursement is based on the individual insurance carrier, Medicare, or Medicaid review and approval. Nestlé Health Science provides a free service, formula4success®, to help patients navigate the process of determining if reimbursement is available. You can learn more about formula4success® by calling 1-844-283-0365 or visiting our website at

What’s the difference between a home blenderized diet and using a commercially prepared enteral formula that’s made with real food such as Compleat Organic Blends?

An enteral formula made with real food like Compeat Organic Blends ensures patients receive consistent, key essential nutrients needed by the body and can be used in combination with a blenderized diet when you are traveling, at school or work, or don’t have the time to blend. If you’re blenderizing at home, consult your healthcare professional for guidance on which recipes provide the appropriate nutrients you or your loved one needs each day.

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