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Happy Earth Day from the Compleat® Organic Blends team!

Earth Day and Compleat® Organic Blends Tube Feeding Formula

Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to help your child connect the real food in Compleat® Organic Blends Plant-Based tube feeding formula to its source, the earth. Why not gather the family around the computer and watch the short video below about the Elliot Family Orchard? 

On Earth Day and Every Day, A True Family Business

Richard’s family has been farming pears on the Sacramento Delta River Basin since the 1860’s. His orchard, Stillwater Orchards, began when Richard’s great-great uncle, David Osborn, came to California in search of gold. However, instead of gold he found the rich earth of the Delta River Basin and ideal growing conditions for pears. So, he sent for pear trees to be shipped from France, and the orchard began. In fact, some of the pear trees originally planted by David Osborn are still producing fruit to this day.

Stillwater Orchards is a true family business. Richard, who is in charge of day to day operations, is the 5th generation involved in running the farm. His father, David J. Elliot Jr., still oversees the family business while Richard’s daughter, Rachel Elliot, has taken on marketing responsibilities, running the farm’s website and social media pages. 

Organic Farming 

In the true spirit of Earth Day, the Elliot family is a big believer in sustainable farming practices, from water usage to waste management and recycling. For example, flood irrigation has largely been replaced with a more targeted watering system of drip and micro-sprinklers.1 The family employs time-tested organic farming practices to produce the organic pears used in Compleat Organic Blends tube feeding formula. The Elliots work hard to create a high-quality soil that can deliver nutritious pears.

Organic farming is one way they keep up with the latest farming and earth conservation techniques. Consumer interest in organic produce is growing, and not just on Earth Day. To meet this new demand, the Elliot family is in the process of converting an additional 65 acres to grow organic produce.2 However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed, the pear picking is done by hand.

The Elliot family is also concerned with minimizing waste. As with any orchard, Stillwater Orchards has unsalable, but perfectly edible pears. Stillwater Orchards donates this fruit to the California Association of Food Banks. Last year, the family’s donations amounted to over 720,000 pounds of fresh pears.2

Proud to be part of Compleat Organic Blends

Stillwater Orchards is dedicated to using the best agricultural handling processes and food safety standards. As Richard told us, “We know that many people who tube-feed have medical conditions, and we are passionate about providing the highest quality of pears for the Compleat Organic Blends formulas. Our family is honored to be involved in bringing an organic food option to the tube-feeding community.”




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