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Used by healthcare providers for over 50 years, the Compleat® family provides nutritionally complete tube feeding formulas which contain a variety of real food ingredients for adults and children.

Choose from organic, non-GMO*, vegan*, and tube feeding formulas free of common food allergens, to support a wide variety of patient needs. Use under medical supervision.

To learn more about our mission and the meaning behind our formulas visit our About Us page.

*Visit for our non-GMO and vegan policies.

The name “Compleat” was the perfect name for a formula that was a combination of both complete nutrition and contains real food ingredients we all enjoy eating.

To learn more about our mission and story, visit our About Us page.

Most tube feeding formulas provide complete nutrition, but do not have the real and recognizable food ingredients found in a regular diet. Compleat® formulas offer the widest range of real and recognizable food ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and chicken and provides complete nutrition for short- or long-term tube feeding

We offer a wide range of formulas to meet your unique nutritional needs and preferences such as peptide-based, plant-based, organic and vegan formulas. None of the Compleat® formulas contain artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. 

The first Compleat® Blenderized formula was launched in 1971, meaning our brand has been around and used by healthcare professionals for over 50 years. 

To read more about our story, visit our About Us page.

Many of the Compleat® formulas contain a wide range of real fruit and vegetable ingredients. To see the ingredients for each formula, click here and select the formula you are interested in. All our ingredients are listed on our website. 

To learn more clinical information about our Compleat® formulas, visit our Nestlé Medical Huband visit our LinkedIn page to stay up to date on the latest research. 

Call 1-800-422-ASK2 (2752) to be put in contact with a Nestlé Health Science Representative.

We would love to connect with you and hear about how Compleat® formulas have impacted you or your loved one! Please fill out this form to share your story. 

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