Reimbursement Support

The formula4success® program offers detailed information and support to help you get the Compleat® products you need.

To find out if your insurance will cover
Compleat® family of formulas:

Get a doctor's order for Compleat® family of formulas

Contact your home care, DME (Durable Medical Equipment), or pharmacy and provide the doctor's order

If you need assistance or have any questions, contact an expert on our formula4success® team

Get Support

Our dedicated Reimbursement specialists are available through every stage of the coverage process. formula4success® is committed to helping you get the Compleat® products you need.


Or call us at 1-844-283-0365

formula4success® Can Help You With

Benefit Investigation

The formula4success® team provides you with step-by-step support to help gain benefit access.

Claim Support

The formula4success® team will investigate and help you navigate the claim process.

Product Supply

We make sure you know where to find Compleat® products.

Prior Authorization Assistance

If prior authorization is required, we will research what the health plan needs to start the process.

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