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Wholesome Tube Feeding
Options for All

We are proud to design our formulas with real and recognizable ingredients you want for yourself, or your little one. That's why we start with a variety of wholesome ingredients.

Real food, plant-based and organic options

Real and recognizable ingredients

No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

Ingredients Nurtured from the Ground Up

From the farms where we source our ingredients to how we prepare them, we grow the extra mile, providing wholesome nutrition from farm to feeding tube.

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Tube Feeding For Everyone

Because more and more of us are choosing organic, plant-based and vegan for ourselves and our families, we have those options too!

Blend Real Food At Home

Get help building your own blenderized recipes from scratch or using Compleat®


Real Food Formulas

Options with the goodness of real fruit and vegetable ingredients


Plant-Based & Vegan Formulas

Wholesome plant-based and vegan formulas


Real Stories

Read inspiring stories from some of the real-life tubies who motivate us each and every day.

Meet Allysa

Allysa is a Paratriathlete, World Champion and sponsored Compleat® tubie. She has accomplished many victories both professionally and personally throughout her career.


His family ultimately decided to use Compleat® Pedia...

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Malia tried one other formula before her doctor recomme...

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We love that it’s made of awesome foods that we alread..

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Meet Wyatt

Wyatt is an inspirational Cerebral Palsy (CP) warrior. ...

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Every person's medical condition and story is unique. Talk to your doctor about whether Compleat® can help meet your nutritional needs.

Our Compleat® formulas are designed to help nourish the potential of your tubie, while our sustainable practices help nourish the potential of our planet.

Ingredients Matter

We partner with organic farmers to source the fruits and vegetables for our Compleat® Organic Blends formulas, providing wholesome nutrition from farm to feeding tube.

Planet-Friendly Cartons

Tetra Pak cartons are recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Made with Care

Our formulas are manufactured in a zero-waste-to-landfill facility.

Ingredients Matter To You. And Us, Too.