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Compleat® Peptide Formulas

Compleat® Peptide provides plant-based, real food ingredient formulas with hydrolyzed pea protein for intolerance.

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Compleat® Peptide 1.5
  • First and only real food and peptide-based tube feeding formula flavored for drinking too
  • Includes real food ingredients such as tomatoes, peaches and carrots
  • None of the common food allergens
  • No GMO ingredients*
Compleat® Pediatric Peptide 1.5
  • Plant-based, calorically dense peptide-based formula
  • Made with real food ingredients, including fruits and vegetables
  • None of the common food allergens
  • No GMO Ingredients
  • For children 1-13 years with increased energy needs

When it comes to choosing a tube feeding formula, what you put inside your body really counts. Feel good about the Compleat® family of formulas — nutritionally complete tube-feeding formulas that include real food, plant-based and organic options.

Ingredients matter to you. And us, too.