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Real Choice is Empowering

Being able to nourish yourself or your little one with the real food ingredients you value, regardless of how you eat, feels good. So we’re relentlessly dedicated to exceptional tube feeding nutrition.

That’s why we provide the widest range of real food and plant-based options, as well as resources, to support the tube feeding journey that’s right for you – even if you don’t use formula at all.

Blend Real Food At Home

Get help building your own blenderized recipes from scratch or using Compleat®



A blend of organic whole foods plus vitamins & minerals that provide complete nutrition


Plant-based & Vegan

Complete nutrition and real food ingredients for those who prefer plant-based proteins


Real Love and Support is Essential

Tube feeding is a life-saving option we’re grateful for, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. How to get started, how to educate yourself, and how to answer a million questions from those around you is hard.

That’s why we offer real love and encouragement to the tube feeding community through sponsorship of support organizations, and on our social sites.

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Real Since Day One

Real Since Day One

Did you know that our brand launched the very first blenderized tube feeding formula? In 1971 Compleat Blenderized formula was launched.

The name “Compleat” was the perfect name for a formula that was a combination of both complete nutrition, and full of the real food ingredients that we were all born to eat. It featured non-fat milk, beef, and fruits and vegetables, among other ingredients.

Rooted in Real Food Heritage

Even though we’ve been relentless champions of real food ingredients for 50 years, our real story is in the here and now. We are honored every day to hear how real food nutrition has impacted the lives of tubies and families.

Whether it’s how your tubie is flourishing, or about how you finally have a real food option that you feel good about, your stories fuel everything we do. We’d love to hear from you!

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Ingredients Matter To You. And Us, Too.