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The Power of Including Fruit in Your Tube-Feeding Formula.

15 Apr 2021

Remember the saying “an apple a day”? Many of us grew up with the notion that consuming fruit each day was part of a healthy diet—and studies support this is still true. However, you may have heard some negative opinions about the sugar associated with fruit in tube-feeding formulas, especially those for children. As you decide what makes sense for you or your child, be sure to weigh the facts about the benefits of fruit in a tube-feeding formula.


Finding the crucial balance in our diets.

According to the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a healthy eating pattern includes a variety of whole grains, protein sources, vegetables and fruits, especially whole fruits. The guidelines encourage us to consume the colors of the rainbow each day, which simply means incorporating a variety of foods in your daily diet. For example, blueberries (the blue/purple part of the rainbow) can increase antioxidant consumption and mangos (the orange/yellow hue) can amp up your Vitamins A and C intake. A combination of a variety of fruits can net a whole lot of beneficial micronutrients.

A tube-feeding formula made with real, whole fruits can offer an abundance of nutritional benefits.

With an enteral formula made with real, whole fruits, you or your child is receiving some beneficial and naturally occurring micronutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Formulas that contain fruit in the form of fruit juice, or no fruit at all, do not offer the same nutrients that whole fruit can. Fiber is a particularly important nutrient in fruits and an important component of a tube-feeding formula because healthy bowel movements keep us all happy! That’s why we made the decision to include purees from whole fruits such as blueberries, pears and mangos in Compleat® Organic Blends.

“We talked to dietitians and caregivers and they all felt fruit was something important to include in a tube-feeding formula. Most people really want that kind of variety,” says Jenny, Associate Director of Innovation at Nestlé Health Science. “The whole fruits in Compleat® Organic Blends are pureed fruits --  not concentrated.” Jenny has been working closely with the Research and Development team at Nestlé Health Science for 15 years. The last two years have been dedicated to developing the newest tube-feeding blenderized formulas, Compleat® Organic Blends.

“We asked ourselves how much protein, fiber and fats are needed to make this formula the best it can be?” says Jenny. “That’s how we established the macronutrient levels. Then we researched and tested which fruits and vegetables, in combination, will help us to deliver on that. One of the hardest things for people blenderizing at home is knowing what the right mix is to include in your child’s regimen. We understand that, which is why we developed Compleat® Organic Blends to provide complete nutrition.”

Cute little blueberries, juicy mangos, opulent pears—whole fruits like these bring so much to the Compleat® Organic Blends party. Sure, some naturally occurring sugar is present, but it’s just one part of a greater nutritional benefit that includes other energy sources, fiber, micronutrients, and vitamins.  In this case, the whole is greater than its parts!


The Truth About Sugar

Pardon the pun, but you cannot perform an apples-to-apples comparison when it comes to sugar. Naturally occurring sugars are found in fruit in the form of fructose. Some sugars when added to foods or beverages during processing or preparation are termed added sugars. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting added sugars to less than 10 percent of daily calories. Compleat® Organic Blends contain only naturally occurring sugars and can be considered part of a healthy eating pattern.

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