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The Compleat formulas featured on this website are available for purchase in the USA. For more information on our formulas offered in other countries please call 1-800-422-ASK2 (2752).

We are happy to provide free samples of Compleat® formula for you or your loved one to try, but the request for a sample must come from your healthcare provider. Please see more details and submit a request here

The following Compleat® formulas are approved for HCPCS Code B4149:

Compleat® Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Cal is approved for HCPCS Code B4161.

Compleat® Peptide 1.5 Cal is approved for HCPCS Code B4153.

The decision for reimbursement is based on the individual insurance carrier, Medicare, or Medicaid review and approval. Nestlé Health Science provides a free service, formula4success™, to help patients navigate the process of determining if reimbursement is available. To learn more about working with insurance, and our formula4success™ program, click here.

Compleat® formulas are widely available through homecare companies and durable medical equipment (DME) companies. Ask your healthcare provider for a referral if you are not already connected with a DME. Additionally, Compleat® formulas can be purchased directly online at or at the Nestlé Nutrition Store

We cannot accept donations of unused formula or tube feeding supplies. Many nonprofit organizations and awareness foundations accept donations. Please contact The Oley Foundation directly for further inquiry and to learn more about their donation program.