Compleat® Organic Blends Chicken-Garden Blend

Compleat® Organic Blends Chicken-Garden Blend

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Organic, complete nutrition made with real food and served with love! Compleat® Organic Chicken-Garden Blend is made with a variety of organic whole foods, including mango, chicken, butternut squash, brown rice, beet and spinach. This blenderized tube-feeding formula is non-GMO* and contains no artificial flavors, flavors, sweeteners or added sugars.

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What's Inside

Compleat® Organic Blends Chicken-Garden blend provides the nourishment you want with blenderized organic whole foods
like mangoes, chicken, and squash.

Try our Plant-Based blend for extra variety in your diet.





Ingredients Matter To You. And Us, Too.


What You Need - And None of What You Don’t

NO Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweetener

NO GMO Ingredients

NO Corn and Soy

Meet Allysa - A Compleat Organic Blends Tubie

Allysa is a Paratriathlete, World Champion and sponsored Compleat® tubie. She has accomplished many victories both professionally and personally throughout her career.

About Compleat® Organic Blends Chicken-Garden Blend

Chicken Garden Blend

Preparation and Usage Instructions

For optimal results, administer at room temperature. Wash hands. Shake well before use as settling may occur. Pour into tube feeding container or bolus syringe. Follow clean handling techniques to help avoid contamination during preparation and use. Adjust flow rate based on medical condition and tolerance. Provide additional water to meet fluid requirements. Once opened, unused portion should be stored in a clean, tightly-sealed container, refrigerated, and used within 24 hours.

Storage Instructions

Do not use if pouch is damaged or swollen. Store unopened at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat. Do not freeze.



Great formula to help with GI distress

From: APS76 | Jun 19, 2021

My mom was on Glucerna following a stroke. It was causing massive diarrhea so I asked the dietician about alternatives. She recommended this product and it's a life saver! Stools have become formed and I feel assured that she is getting all the proper nutrients from actual food as well.


Nice option for PBWF way of eating

From: Lisa2020 | Dec 01, 2020

My 79 year old mother follows a plant based whole foods way of eating. She is also SOS free which means no salt, oil or sugar. After her stroke she was on the regular hospital formula and did not enjoy that experience. The hospital dietician ordered the Organic Blend for her and we made the switch 6 days ago. Overall we are very satisfied with the product except that it led to many BMs (3-6/day), the product is thicker and tends to clog the tube and the bag should have better opening/pouring instructions.


Thrilled that this product has become available!

From: Emmy | Nov 14, 2018

For the first time in my daughters 23 years she has felt what it feels like to be full and content after her tube feed. So happy she has a healthy option that meets her dietary needs. Thank you, from a very greatful mom.


A great improvement over the standard

From: Jimvin49 | Sep 29, 2018

Much better than Isosource or the Compleat product with brown rice syrup. Nestle Health Science Compleat Organic Blend for Adults is a real food blend that provides liquid hope to nourish tube feeders without ingredient which with some find fault. Many are dissatisfied with or have negative reactions to soy, high levels of any form of added sugars or sweeteners including brown rice syrup. I wish Compleat Organic Blend was the readily available through insurance, Medicare and the VA over the other products


Nestle Compleat Organic Blends/Plant Based

From: Delta79 | Sep 27, 2018

This is new, different, unique, and very good for the mind body and soul. After trying Nestle Compleat Organic Blends, I felt better overall and had real energy that I needed. You can use it for tube feeding, but I used it as a smoothie and my result with this product was feeling great all over, plus it is so good for you with so many vitamins and minerals. I will continue buying Nestle Compleat Organic Blends. You can choose the plant-based or chicken-garden blend, both are so nutritious and full of everything your body needs and more.


Nestle is Awesome

From: Cammie444 | Sep 26, 2018

Unable to provide pictures of him. Very impressed with this. Thankyou.



From: Jenny101609 | Sep 25, 2018

I love it my nice really like it and my nice really liked it


Finally tube feeding that is REAL

From: Diana1 | Sep 25, 2018

I bought this for my ailing husband and what s God send! All meal replacement out on the market is milk and sugar based, this product is such a great WHOLE food alternative!


Excellent product

From: Rhomal | Sep 25, 2018

I received a sample of this nutritious blend to try. I have to say that this is an excellent product. Extremely healthy, nutritious, and so convenient. It's like freshness in a bag! I highly recommend this to anyone on the fence about trying it. You won't be disappointed.


Great for the slowcooker

From: Trina 48 | Sep 25, 2018

Thank you for my sample. I used instead of chicken broth and it was great. I will buy this product for my chicken recipes. I will use it for my soups as well. Great product.

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