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Breakfast Blastoff

1 portions
0 min


1 carton

Compleat® Pediatric Reduced Calorie Tube Feeding Formula


Small Banana

1/2 cup

Plain, Cooked Oatmeal

1/4 cup

Fresh Blueberries


1. Place all ingredients in the blender.

2. Blend until mixture is completely smooth and liquified–no chunks or large pieces of food should be present.

3. If needed, strain to remove any remaining chunks or larger pieces of food.

4. Fresh herbs are used to add flavor and aroma, but the use of fresh herbs is optional. Chop herbs finely before blenderizing so they do not clog the tube. If herbs are getting stuck in the tube, omit from the recipes.

5. Water may need to be added to the mixture to achieve proper consistency for tube feeding:

− About ½ - 1 cup of water may be added to recipes that use ½ carton of COMPLEAT® PEDIATRIC REDUCED CALORIE Tube-Feeding Formula.

− About ¼ - ½ cup may be added to recipes that use 1 carton of COMPLEAT® PEDIATRIC REDUCED CALORIE Tube-Feeding Formula, however you may find that no additional water is needed when using 1 whole carton of COMPLEAT® PEDIATRIC REDUCED CALORIE Tube-Feeding Formula.

6. The nutrient content of COMPLEAT® PEDIATRIC REDUCED CALORIE Tube-Feeding Formula is included in the Nutrition Information for each recipe. See chart for nutrient content of one 8 fl oz (250 mL) carton.




  • • Please remember to consult with your healthcare professional before using a homemade tube-feeding formula.
  • • Before preparing a recipe, review the ingredient list and take into consideration any special dietary needs or restrictions.
  • • If a recipe does not contain the appropriate amount of calories, protein, fat, or any other nutrient for it to meet a specific need, check with your healthcare professional about using more or less of an ingredient.
  • • Recipes that call for one (1) carton of a COMPLEAT® PEDIATRIC Tube-Feeding Formula can be decreased to ½ carton, or recipes that call for a ½ carton can be increased to a full carton.
  • • Please note that if a different volume of COMPLEAT® PEDIATRIC Tube-Feeding Formula is used, the Nutrition Information provided with the recipe will not be accurate as listed. Your healthcare professional can help you determine the revised Nutrition Information.

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