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Meet Baylee

She loves cruising everywhere, books, baths and snuggles.

For most of Baylee’s life, she was mainly tube fed.

As Baylee grew, her nutrition needs changed, and she was introduced to Compleat® Pediatric formula, the only formula with real food ingredients that worked well with the small diameter of Baylee’s NG-tube. According to Baylee’s mom, she now has a G-tube and continues to do great with the formula.

Baylee, thank you for sharing your sweet smile with us!

The Compleat® Family

Compleat® Pediatric Original 1.0
  • Protein from milk, chicken, and peas
  • Made with real food ingredients such as peaches, green beans and peas
  • No soy or corn
  • No GMO Ingredients
  • Can be used as a base for home blenderized tube feeding recipes
  • For children 1-13 years

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