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Meet Allysa

A Paratriathlete, World Champion and sponsored Compleat® Tubie.

Allysa is a Paratriathlete, World Champion and sponsored Compleat® tubie. She has accomplished many victories both professionally and personally throughout her career. While winning 6 World Championship medals, 3 World Championship titles and 16 World Series gold medals, she was also awarded with ESPY Best Female with Disability Athlete of the year.

Chasing after her dreams at an early age, Allysa played as many league sports as possible. While attending college, she decided to take on a new challenge of competing in triathlons. Allysa completed her first triathlon 2008 and quickly fell in love with the sport, becoming the first athlete with a physical disability to qualify for and compete at the Collegiate National Championship.

Her career blossomed quickly, but as the demands of training increased, Allysa’s malnutrition became harder to manage. In 2017, after years of struggling with nutrition, weight challenges and gastrointestinal surgeries, she made the decision, along with her trusted dietitian, to switch to tube feeding.

After much research, and with a feeding plan and schedule in place, Allysa chose Compleat® Organic Blends. Allysa shared, “Tube feeding gave me life and my dreams back. I chose Compleat® because as an athlete it is immensely important that I fuel my body with the highest quality ingredients to support my training and lifestyle. I also love that I can look at the label and know what I am putting into my body- only organic, real food ingredients. Although tube feeding seemed overwhelming and scary at first, it hasn’t held me back from chasing and accomplishing my biggest dreams. Do not limit your dreams because you are a tubie and never accept anything less than your best.”

Allysa, we are honored to be a part of your incredible and inspirational journey.

The Compleat® Family

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